Winter Transfer Window Opens: Let the Games Begin

December 31, 2015

Tomorrow the flood gates open. The New Year means the January transfer window officially opens for the month, and it is going to be chaos! Of course rumors have been flying literally since the second the summer transfer window closed, but injuries, unexpected results, poor player performance, and a variety of other factors has turned the league on its head, and the rumors change daily. Now with a clearer vision of the season’s possibilities and weaknesses in their rosters, clubs will be fighting to find the player’s best fit to fill their current voids. At this point rumors are just rumors, but there are definitely a few that have caught our eye… No matter what happens this transfer window is sure to thrill.

Who's turning heads?

Jamie Vardy- Leicester City

It’s the name that is on everybody’s tongue: Jamie Vardy. Leicester has shocked the League going from the bottom of the table last season to celebrating Christmas as league leaders, and a great deal of that success has to be attributed to Vardy’s outstanding season. His efforts have clearly not gone unnoticed, big names like Chelsea and Manchester United, who are desperately lacking strike force, will be jumping at the chance to sign a striker who has managed to net in 11 consecutive Premier League matches. Leicester however are not looking to hand over their superstar and will likely do whatever they can to tie him down for as long as possible.

Lionel Messi- Barcelona

Okay we have to throw this one out there, partially because it’s so far fetched its almost comical to include, but partially because it would be so crazy awesome if it did happen that its worth at least mentioning. First off the money required for Barcelona to even foster the idea of letting Messi leave is more than most clubs have in their entire budget. His transfer fee would shatter all previous records by a long shot. We are talking a minimum of £200 million and that is before player wages. It really only leaves a teeny-tiny handful of clubs that could even afford the move (PSG, Manchester United, Man. City, Chelsea). But rumors have it he isn't completely happy with his club, though whether he would ever leave the club that has elevated him to football god status is hard to say. Money does talk...

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang- Borussia Dortmound

Lets move on from a transfer that is most definitely not happening to one that is just reeeeeally really unlikely. At 26 years old Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is at the prime of his playing career, and with 24 goals in 23 matches played there is no one doubting that he is in peak form and he has many admirers. Jurgen Klopp, former Dortmund coach now head of Liverpool has not been shy about expressing his fancy for his former player. Unfortunately Aubameyang has also been public about his satisfaction in his current team. He also has made an apparent pact with teammate Marco Reus that if they are exiting they pair will exit at the same time.

Marco Reus- Borussia Dortmund

Perhaps the time to make good on his pact with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is now. Reus had signed and extension last February extending his contract through 2019, but the new contract removed his previous release clause, and the 26 year old winger has reportedly said he'd be keen to find himself playing once again under the coaching of Jurgen Klopp. Still the transfer will come with a hefty price tag.

How about some fresh meat???

Amwar El Ghazi- Ajax

Though just 20 yrs old, Amwar El Ghazi has show huge potential and raw talent on the pitch. That talent got him promoted to play for the Netherlands first team this year and there is no doubt he will have many more caps for the Dutch. He has shown creativity and poise beyond his years, and energy that comes with the freshness of youth. Given the chance to prove himself in a top tier league, we have no doubt he would rise to the occasion. Rumors suggest Southampton, Stoke, and others may be interested in giving him that chance.

Adrien Rabiot- PSG

Paris Saint-Germain is an elite squad and to see play time, especially as such a young player is a difficult task. Adrien Rabiot has made his time on the pitch with PSG count, proving himself as an obvious asset in the midfield, but unfortunately has not found himself a sure spot in the starting XI. Though he has expressed his love for the city and team, he is not content with the lack of play time and has asked PSG president for a loan this coming January. This could be a huge pickup for teams like Arsenal who have been suffering in the midfield and are ready for an enthusiastic addition to breath life into their attack.

What about the loan-ers?

Gokhan Inler- Leicester City

Leicester has had a phenomenal season due in great part to the sensational work in the midfield by N’Golo Kante and Danny Drinkwater. But, because the duo has done so well holding down center field, Swiss captain has not seen much time on the pitch. As EURO 2016 approaches players will be looking to be in peak form for their countries, this will only come from active participation in competition, which currently Inler is not seeing. A temporary loan could be a very real solution and mutually beneficial for a club that is looking to add experience to their midfield.

Simone Zaza- Juventus

Similar to the struggles of many young strikers, Simone Zaza has found himself without a secured position on Juventes first team. Leaving Juve on loan to gain some valuable experience with a top tier team in another league could be a great move for Zaza. 

If reports are true this January will result in more transfers and money spent than any in Premier League history. What players would you like to see make moves this transfer window? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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