French National Team Refuses Bow Down To Fear, Footballing World Stands Beside Them

November 17, 2015

Today the French national team will return to the pitch for their second international friendly in less than a week, but tonight it’s not about football. Just four days ago, while thousands gathered in Paris at Stade de France for the classic rivalry match; France vs Germany, a horrific scene unfolded just outside the stadium walls. Attacks around the city would claim the lives of over 125 individuals with many more critically injured, and leave the country in disbelief, shock, and fear.

In the wake of these horrific events, postponing football related activity would be an easy and understandable thing to do. The FA in Belgium in fact has done just that, cancelling today’s friendly with Spain due to the elevated threat of terror. The French team however has chosen to stand strong for their country, and as an act of defiance will take to the pitch, refusing to let terror win.

 Tonight’s meeting will be so much more than a football match. It will serve as a symbol to the world that France will not be paralyzed by fear. That through mourning and pain the French people will immerge stronger. And it is testament to the power of community and solidarity in the footballing world.

As supporters, as players, as coaches we are connected by our love for the game. Rivalries only matter in so much that we have someone to play opposite of us. At the end of the day we are a footballing community. Clubs, boarders, even oceans cannot sever that bond. We play together, we learn together, and we mourn together. Tonight the footballing world stands strong with France.

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