Shocking Supporters: 5 Celebs You Never Knew Supported Football

July 17, 2015

It is a well known fact that football is, without a doubt, the most popular sport in the world. Played by hundreds of millions of athletes in countries all across the globe and watched by billions more, it’s arguable no other sport can even compete with football’s popularity. That being said, it would seem there must be a team for everyone, even the least likely of supporters. Here’s a few individuals you might be surprised to know are supporters of the beautiful game.


LeBron James: Best known as a basketball superstar, LeBron James is one of the most recognizable athletes in America. Standing at 6’8 I guess he’s hard to miss, but regardless of stature, his talent and long list of career accomplishments have kept him well lit in fame’s spotlight. Basketball obviously takes top priority in James’ life, but in 2011 part of a deal with Fenway Sports Group made him a minority owner of Liverpool FC. Since acquiring stake in the team, James has made the journey over seas on multiple occasions to pay visit to Anfield and cheer on his boys. He even has his own custom LEBRON Liverpool jersey.


Sir Elton John: If there ever was a real life Renaissance man, look no further than the one and only Sir Elton John. Over the course of a five decade long career, Sir Elton as seen phenomenal success, including seven consecutive No.1 US albums, dozens of top 40 hits, and the best selling single of all time. Singer, activist, pianist, songwriter, producer, actor, composer… he has done it all. The man has been knighted for goodness sake! I suppose it should come as no surprise that he has also owned a football club. From 1976-1987 Sir Elton was owner and head chairman of Watford FC and, though he has since given up ownership, still resides currently as the club’s active president. Despite outward appearances, Sir Elton is easily the biggest football enthusiast on our list. On multiple occasions he has expressed his deep connection with the sport and  commented on how the Hornets have impacted his life. There is no doubt he is ecstatic to see Watford’s return to First Division status rejoining the Premier League after a tough 8 year lull.


Mike Tyson: In spite of his successful boxing career, Mike Tyson is arguably more famous for his outrageous behavior and controversies outside of the ring than victories within. At this point I guess no one should really be surprised by anything that former undisputed heavyweight champion does, says, or likes. So if the man says he likes, soccer, well okay then. Though we aren’t entirely sure which club he favors (not sure he has even worked that bit out), he has been spotted on numerous occasions sporting various clubs including Argentina’s National Team jersey and Peterborough United FC. He even reportedly sent over an autographed pair of boxing gloves to soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.


Katy Perry: The American popstar best known for her “bubblegum” lyrics and over the top outfits is definitely not who most people would picture when asked to think of a typical soccer fan, but what’s a typical soccer fan anyway? Though her fandom was sparked by her ex-husband Russell Brand, a known supporter of West Ham, it’s never too late to find your team. How you ignite your supporter passion is not the important bit, it’s what you do once the flame is lit. Since jumping on the West Ham United bandwagon, Perry has even taken her love for the Hammers center-stage donning a provocative West Ham colored corset complete with team crests across her chest while hosting the MTV EU Music Awards.


Jackie Chan: Martial artist Jackie Chan is most known for his work in countless kung-fu classics, but few know that he is also a recently recruited Manchester City supporter. After meeting players from the team in Beijing in 2012, Chan publicly pledged his allegiance to The City and hasn’t looked back. Though martial arts and soccer are essentially opposites in nature,  Chan admires athleticism involved in the game’s play and the hard working fighting spirit in Manchester City.

Soccer appeals to a multitude of people. There is no stereotypical soccer supporter because soccer is for everyone. These are just a few of our favorite surprising supporters but there are many, many more, feel free to add your favorite unlikely supporter in the comments below.

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