Gotham City FC Starting XI (Heroes)

April 12, 2015 3 Comments

So last week inspiration struck in the form of who the heroes of Gotham City may be facing on the pitch, so this week
I decided that in honor of our LIMITED RELEASE design that's preorder has been extended just through today (4.12.15), I would do a post on Gotham City FC's Starting XI heroes. 

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Like I said, this design is only available through today, so what are you waiting for?

Now that you have ordered your shirt, time to check out my Starting XI for Gotham City FC.


Goalkeeper: Lucius Fox

Don't let the gray hair fool you, you never know what Gotham's best Manager has up his sleeves. Consider the goal his "Bat Cave" and Lucius will stop at nothing to protect it. 

Defenders:, Allan Scott (Green Lantern), Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne (Batman), Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) 

Having Allan Scott out on on the flanks might be borderline cheating, but I suppose some rules would have to be implemented (Red Card for taking flight perhaps?). 

Once again having Gotham's most loyal Butler at center back is definitely choosing experience over youth, but we've seen Alfred handle himself without any issue and sometimes he even comes out of it with less bruises than the man who he's protected throughout most of his life...Master Wayne.

Speaking of Bruce, it might seem crazy to have a "Star Player" playing defense, but let's be honest, that is where Batman belongs, obviously we see him getting in on the scoring as well, but Batman himself may end up being a one man wrecking crew for the majority of Gotham City FC's matches.

Now that Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl has her mobility back...the girl wants to run! It's going to be hard for people to look past her good looks (thanks mom), but the way she'll be moving the ball, it will be hard for most opponents to focus at all.


Midfield: Detective Gordon, Lady Shiva, Zatanna

Detective Gordon is going to have to hold down the midfield with two of the most kickass girls in the universe, but that's a roll he will fit very well into, using his combination of grit and brains to solidify his defensive midfield position.

Ok, so maybe Lady Shiva blurs the lines of hero or villain just a tad, but as a free agent of sorts, her allegiance will be with the least for this season. Lady Shiva is both quick and brutal and you can thank the League of Assassins for that. The only trouble she will have is holding back....I mean she was trained to kill people with her bare hands after all...... As long as she stays out of the books, she will be a force to be reckoned with.

Zatanna Zatara and Bruce Wayne go waaaaay back and as long as Bruce can get over the fact she's altered his mind a few times....all will be ok. Zatanna is an real magician off the pitch and we can't see any reason why she won't be one on the pitch as well.


Forwards: Robin, Catwoman, Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)

Everybody loves to hate Robin, but isn't that how it is with many strikers? Regardless of how fans feel, Robin will be continually trying to impress Bruce and we have this feeling that will result in goals. 

Catwoman's stealthy ways and her agile attack will be perfect in getting the ball to cherry pickers like Robin, of course she will also benefit from the accuracy that belongs to Oliver Queen.

Speaking of the Green Arrow, the former Seattleite turned Star City, California resident has soccer in his blood, but how does that land him in Gotham FC? Well until Star City gets their own club, fellow Justice League hero, Bruce Wayne knew he'd have to recruit someone who was just as accurate a passer as he was a shooter. There is a zero doubt that Oliver Queen aka The Green Arrow is that man. We see a lot of Golden Boots in his future. 




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April 27, 2015


Love it! Did you see my Villains staring XI as well?


April 24, 2015

Oh, and Lucius Fox as your keeper?! I hope your trainer is good at treating broken hips ;-)


April 24, 2015

Ok, first off you CANNOT have Catwoman. Yeah, they made her out to be an anti-hero in the Nolan movies…but we’re going old school here. You can have her for a $500k transfer fee. Or a few free shirts.

Now, for your opposition (I stuck with the more well-known villians)…

Manager: Penguin

Keeper: The Scarecrow (have a nice stare-down whilest taking a PK…)_

Defenders: Soloman Grundy, BANE, Mr. Freeze, Ra’s al Ghul

Midfield: The Red Hood, The Joker (Ledger, not Romero), Two-Face

Strikers: Riddler (Frank Gorshin, not Jim Carrey), Catwoman, The Mad Hatter

See you on the Gotham pitch and good luck handling that back line…


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