The Dark Side FC Starting XI

March 21, 2015

So I decided to try a little something different this week in honor of our limited release Dark Side FC design...

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It got me thinking...what would that starting lineup look like? I decided that the Sith would have to only be involved as management as obviously being that strong with the force would have advantages that would completely take any competitive aspect of the most beautiful game in the galaxy away, so that would leave the truly wicked souls of the universe, as well as some of Lord Vader's loyal servants to play for the Dark Side.

Now this is only my take on the Dark Side Starting XI, please feel free to include your suggestions in the comments below, but I have to admit....I think this lineup is deadly.


Goalkeeper: Jabba the Hutt

What Jabba lacks in athleticism, he more than makes up for in size. Now I know a lot of you are saying "but wouldn't he take up most of the goal?". Absolutely! But this is the Dark Side FC, do you honestly thing they give two Bantha Poodoos? 

Positioning will need to be his main focus, as both small arms and somewhat slow reaction time will definitely be his downfall. Overall though, Jabba's complete lack of respect for any living organism should give him enough edge to keep clean sheets.

Defenders: Droidekas at left and right back, Storm Troopers at center back positions.

I am not entirely sure how many decisions that Storm Troopers take to heart, as they rarely show much emotion at all. That said, it might hurt a little that they will be forced to work with droids on the back line. 

When it comes down to it though, the Droidekas will give Dark Side FC the speed that is needed along the flanks with their versatile shape shifting abilities. The Storm Troopers should hold down the center back positions fine, just so long as that armor stands up better against soccer balls than it does blaster fire. 

Midfield:General Grievous, Greedo, Tuskan Raider


I know many would have liked to see Grand Moff Tarkin at midfield, but his age definitely limits his maneuverability at most positions. General Grievous on the other hand has the size to play a more defensive mid role, while the Tuskan Raider's very physical style of play will help open the field up on the attack.

Greedo on the other hand should be great at distributing the ball, and on that odd occasion where he shoots first? Well...we've heard he can blast with both feet.

Forwards:  Aurra Sing, Sebulba, Boba Fett

I suppose Aurra Sing could be a controversial decision to start up front, but nobody can ignore that she is a natural sniper and is athletic to boot. Pod Racing Dug, Sebulba on the other hand lacks a little in the speed department, but his unconventional stance makes him a nightmare for officials when calling hand ball fouls. 

What would an attacking front be without the ruthless, never say die attitude of the Galaxy's most fearsome bounty hunter, Boba Fett. Quite possibly the scariest being in the galaxy who doesn't possess the powers of the force, just his name on the roster alone will be enough to strike fear into any opposing side. 


I hope you enjoyed my Star Wars Starting XI and as I said....chime in with your ideas! May the force be with you.






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