Premier League Week 29

March 13, 2015

About a month ago things were looking a bit glum for teams such as Liverpool and Arsenal. Many questioned whether or not they would have a chance at a Champions League placing by the end of the season. However, fast forward a bit and believe it or not...things seem to be a bit more reasonable in the Top 5. Arsenal's recent spell of good matches have put them in 3rd place and Liverpool only finds themselves a game back on 4th place Manchester United. If you listen closely you can still here the Saints of Southampton saying "we're still here", but the cries are getting weaker by the....week (for those of you who are Saints fans, this sort of thing has usually helped them in the past, it's the football Gods way of making me look like an idiot).

As for the battle for first, Manchester City let a huge opportunity slide against Liverpool in Week 27 when they lost to the Reds 2-1 at Anfield. Chelsea now with a game in hand against Liverpool retains their five point lead at the top. Both teams earned three points in Week 28. 

As long as the Blues don't let their Champions League woes bring them down, they appear to be comfortable in the driver's seat. However, all it takes is a couple road bumps and everything changes. We know all too well.....that is what we should expect in the Premier League.

Now for my three matches of the week. Please play along in the comment section below!


Match 1: Burnley v. Man City 

This is one of those David and Goliath matches on paper, but given that Man City is on the road in an odd environment, I actually predict somewhat of an upset here. Burnley likes to hit big teams early and I expect them to draw first blood and take a 1-0 lead early. However, I do believe Man City will return fire later in the match after an exhausted Burnley side gets tired of defending. My prediction: Burnley 1 - 1 Manchester City

Match 2: Chelsea v. Southampton

As I said earlier, whenever I start doubting the Saints, the Soccer Gods tend to spite me, so this week Southampton, you're in luck. I fully expect Chelsea to roll Southampton at the Bridge. Chelsea will be looking to shake the feeling of losing to a 10 man PSG side in Champions League and unfortunately for Southampton, they will be the victims. My prediction: Chelsea 4 - 1 Southampton

Match 3: Manchester United v. Tottenham

In all honesty, Manchester United shouldn't have a problem handling the Spurs at Old Trafford. That said, the Red Devils have been their own worst enemy losing traction after gaining substantial ground this season. Man U currently sits in 4th place in the league, but I fear that might be in jeopardy this weekend if Arsenal can take care of West Ham. My prediction: Manchester United 2 - 2 Tottenham



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