Week 21 of the Premier League

January 08, 2015

Who's ready for some Premier League action again? It seems like it we've only had like.....one day of it all year long! 

That day on January 1st did happen to be quite the tumultuous one as it saw Manchester City make it's way to the top of the table (with company), as well as a bounce back from a former Top 3 team. Let's start with that...

Gunners Shoot Blanks

Southampton has been on their way down the table lately, but it hasn't been a free fall quite yet. Just when we thought we'd heard the last from them, the Saints manage to pull a big win out and prop themselves up again....even if only slightly.

Their last win came against Arsenal who couldn't manage to find the back of the net against Southampton and continued to prove that the only thing consistent with the Gunners is their inconsistency. With the win, the Saints managed to keep themselves in 4th place and keep the Gunners out of the Top 5. 

Gunfight at White Hart Lane

It's not like Chelsea brought a knife to a gun fight, but they certainly didn't bring the bigger weapon as they fell to the Spurs in a 5-3 barn burner. The loss is only the second so far this season for Chelsea, but it brought their record to an exact copy of Man City's (both sit at 14-4-2) and as a result, Chelsea now have company at the top of the table after quite some time without any. 

On the other side of things, the win couldn't have come at a better time for the Spurs as they were able to take advantage of some other teams struggling as of late and now find themselves just three points out of the Top 3. 

Another Twist on the Merseyside Roller-coaster

Many of the people I talked to over Twitter at the end of 2014 thought that Liverpool stood the best chance of the under performing teams to make a run for the title in 2015. That thought process may change after Liverpool's 2-2 draw with the Foxes of Leicester City. A match like that against an assumable weaker opponent could have really helped Liverpool claw their way back into contention. However, only getting one point against the last place team in the league is no where close to optimal. 

Merseyside's team who likes to rock the blue had an even worse time in their first match of 2015 as Everton lost 2-0 to Hull City. There really isn't a lot to say about this result besides the fact that I never thought at the beginning of the season that I would have expected this kind of result, yet here I am after week 20 and I am not shocked one bit. Something huge needs to change in Everton. Sincerely, -Captain Obvious.

P.S. At least Mario Balotelli is having a good time on Instagram though, you get 'em Tiger.

So now for my picks of the week. As always, quit being so shy and join in by commenting with yours below.


Match 1: Everton v. Man City

It would be soooo like the Premier League to have this one end up as an Everton win right? But let's be realistic for a second. Everton has been terrible this season.....so terrible and Man City is on a roll right now and most likely feeling like the champions that they currently are. 

This one isn't even close: Everton 0 - 3 Man City


Match 2: Sunderland v. Liverpool

Not sure what the mood will be like with Liverpool now knowing their long time star, Steven Gerrard will be leaving the club after this season for the bright lights of Los Angeles, but regardless of their poor outing against Leicester, I think it's safe to say Liverpool should at least squeak out three points against a sputtering Sunderland side.

Not an overwhelming win, but my prediction: Sunderland 0 - 1 Liverpool

Match 3: Chelsea v. Newcastle

After suffering their first lost of this Premier League season against Newcastle, you can bet the Blues will be out for revenge in this rematch. With Man City playing what should be an easy match against Everton, it will be very important for Chelsea to get three points from this match as not to let Man City take over control of 1st in the league all by their lonesome. Personally I feel like Chelsea is up to the task.

My prediction: Chelsea 4 - 2 Newcastle



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