Happy Holidays!

December 27, 2014

Happy Holidays everyone!  I thought I would take this moment to bring to you the Top 3 gifts we were given from the soccer world this year starting with....


3. DeAndre Yedlin

The Seattle Sounders saw something in the young defender first. Yedlin was the first homegrown signing for the Sounders and became an integral part of the popular franchise before he was out of his teens. 

Jurgen Klinsmann also happened to see something in the youngster and in turn named him to the final USMNT squad that went to Brazil. Yedlin's speed impressed more than just the American soccer fans which resulted in a number of European squads looking to land the Seattle native. 

Although Roma was the early favorite, it was Tottenham who finally got Yedlin's signature and as of this week he is cleared to work overseas. You can bet the Sounders, as well as the city of Seattle will miss Yedlin a ton, especially after just falling short of an MLS Final this year, but it should be very exciting to see what he can do in the Premier League....

Let's just hope they don't leave him on the bench.


2. Tim Howard in the World Cup

Depending on who you are, the USMNT either had a HUGE year in Brazil or they were disappointing, but one thing every soccer fan can agree on is that Tim Howard was amazing. His record setting performance against the Belgians was super human and it's safe to say the Yanks would have had a much tougher time navigating through the Group of Death if they didn't have the brick wall that is Tim Howard between the pipes.

It will be strange to watch the Red, White and Blue play without Howard in 2015, but we can hold onto hope that it is at this point only a year hiatus for him. Zero doubt, Tim Howard was the MVP for the USMNT this year.


1. John Brooks' Goal against Ghana 

The win against Ghana for the USA could be one of the most important wins in the history of American soccer. Ghana had always had USA's number up until that match and to exorcise that demon was gigantic. The win also woke up a nation to a point where nearly everyone was a soccer fan for a month in the Summer of 2014. For a month, Americans just simply believed.

The win also brought us one of the greatest moments of the year. The look of disbelief and absolute joy on John Brooks' face after scoring the game winning goal in a match where Captain Clint Dempsey scored the fastest American goal in history is still goosebump inducing to this day. The USA might not have won the World Cup, in fact they didn't even come close, but they got one step closer in making the world believe in them as much as their country did for that one month in the Summer of 2014. 


I hope you all are having a wonderful Holidays and hey....if you got a little cash or perhaps a Who Are Ya gift card? Time to do some shopping right!? 

See you in the 2015.


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