Week 16 of the Premier League

December 18, 2014

Well it was a rough week in the Premier League when it comes to my predictions. The only win I got right out of the three featured matches was Man U and Liverpool's tilt, while the others were a bit off to say the least, but we'll get to that in a minute.


The Saints Continue to Fall From Grace:

So the match I had as somewhat of a bounce back for Southampton turned out to be an even darker plummet into the abyss. After enjoying time near the top of the table for the majority of the season so far, Southampton's recent spell of less than stellar results hit a new low with a loss to Burnley. 

We have a word for teams like Southampton in the sports world, "Pretender". It's not a particularly nice word, but sometimes it's the one that fits. I felt like Southampton did enough early on to keep themselves away from that label, but lately I wonder if their Cinderella style story had me a bit blinded. 


Arsenal Spanks Newcastle:

The Gunners haven't been having quite the season they wanted to yet, but they got one step closer to turning things around this past weekend. After Newcastle handed Chelsea their first loss of the season, Arsenal gifted them a proverbial smack to the face in the form of a 4-1 romp at Emirates Stadium.

I had this match as a 2-2 draw as I had lost faith in Arsenal having any killer instinct left. I am sure there are many Gunners fans out there who are beyond happy that I was wrong, wrong, WRONG.


Cruising at the Top:

Although one of the teams in the Top 3 is a little newer than the other two, all of the Top 3 teams were able to dispatch their opponents and keep pace with each other.

Chelsea - as expected - shutout Hull City with a 2-0 win and remain in first place, Manchester City squeaked out a 1-0 win against the Foxes of Leicester City and Man U solidly defeated their rival (one of many) Liverpool 3-0. 

All three of these teams look to be in top form, even if Man City had a bit more trouble than was expected against Leicester. It should be very interesting to see which one of these teams will break first. 


Alright, time for my three featured matches of the week. Please do play along if you're reading this. Leave your predictions in the comments section!


Match 1: Southampton v. Everton

Everton finally broke through with a win this past week, but it was against a struggling QPR side. Southampton on the other hand continues to fall against struggling sides. Neither of these teams are looking fantastic right now, but at least one is on the upswing. My prediction: Everton 1 - 0 Southampton


Match 2: Liverpool v. Arsenal

Liverpool found themselves on the losing side of things once again in week 15 against their Man U rivals. In fact they were never really in the match. Arsenal on the other hand routed Newcastle who has shown to be formidable opponent more than once this season. This one is kind of interesting being that it is in Anfield and given the fact both teams have been terribly inconsistent, it has all the makings of a draw. My prediction: Liverpool 1 - 1 Arsenal


Match 3: Stoke City v. Chelsea

Stoke City is kind of like Newcastle in the way that they love to play spoiler against the big boys. Chelsea knows all about that, as they suffered a loss to Stoke last season when they really could have used a win. Chelsea didn't seem to have a problem bouncing back after their first loss, but it's not like Hull City was ever much of a worry. Stoke should give them a little more trouble. My prediction: Stoke City 2-1 Chelsea. 




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