Premier League (Week 12)

November 13, 2014

Another Premier League week has passed and another one is on the horizon. I have to say...I am a little proud of myself, after last week's predictions turning out ok, having another awesome week has me just a little cocky. Let's review...


So the only pick I had a little bit. Burnley finally got their first win of the season against Hull City. Now I had a 1-1 draw in a match where Burnley would lead most of the way. Turns out Hull City didn't have it in them to tie the game late and Burnley was able to win the match 1-0 much to the excitement of their fans who have been waiting three months for a victory.

As for Liverpool and Chelsea. Well I didn't give Liverpool quite enough credit, but I was pretty close. I had Chelsea winning 2-0, while the actual result ended up 2-1 in Chelsea's favor. All in all...not bad.

Now the match I am particularly proud of is OBVIOUSLY Swansea City and Arsenal. I pretty much called this one perfectly as the Welsh side continues to grit out an exciting 2014-15 season so far. My prediction was that Swansea would just do enough at home to beat Arsenal 2-1 and sure enough...that's what they did. A big thank you to Swansea for making me look awesome.

Enough of my gloating though, time to move on. Everton continued to struggle this week and only managed a draw against a Sunderland side who has been the punching bag of the Premier League for what seems like an eternity, Southampton nabbed another three points against Leicester City to stay in second place behind Chelsea, Man City also under-performed against a weak QPR side (albeit a weak side that has shown life recently) with a 2-2 draw, and in an unlikely twist Manchester United performed as they should have (kind of) against another bottom of the table team, Crystal Palace and managed a 1-0 win. 

In all honesty, besides Liverpool/Chelsea and Swansea City/Arsenal, the week was made up mostly of fixtures that should have been lopsided, but instead made the supposed better team look ordinary or worse. Chelsea and Southampton are benefiting in a huge way from matches like that this year, as they continue to pad their points totals at the top of the table.

The biggest upset of last week was probably Stoke City beating Tottenham. However with Tottenham's struggles being....well......real........I highly doubt that there weren't a fair amount of people who might have seen this one coming. Stoke is another one of those sides who can look stellar against a good side one week and then look like a third division team the next. Tottenham's blah season so far may bode well for USMNT youngster, DeAndre Yedlin as the team could definitely use a spark. Obviously I am skeptical of how much time he'll actually see on the pitch, as the Premier League/American Player track record isn't a great one (just ask Jozy), but Tottenham's lackadaisical play can't hurt Yedlin's cause when he starts playing across the pond next year (or at least that's when we are told to expect seeing him dawn a Spurs kit)

 Alright so time for my matches of the week...and remember, if you think you have the brains to beat the better comment below with your predictions. Especially given my recent form which - dare I say - is en fuego. Knock me down a few pegs.......I dare you. You have some extra time with the bye week, so think it over and do it.


Match 1:

Stoke City v. Burnley


Both of the team's are coming off of wins....whoa wait......back that up.......that can't really! Both of these teams are coming off of wins and both would obviously like to get on a bit of a streak. All signs point toward Stoke City beating Burnley, but as I stated earlier, Stoke City tends to play to the level of their opponent and for that reason, I am calling this a dr.......ahhh I can't do it, I just switched mid typing, something came over me and I saw Stoke City winning 2-0, so yeah my prediction is (after divine intervention?): Stoke City 2 - 0 Burnley


Match 2:

Manchester City v. Swansea City 


Swansea City is coming off of a big win against the Gunners, while Man City has to be disappointed with their 2-2 draw with QPR. The Swansea swagger we've seen this year should still be alive and well against Man City, but you'd have to think a little bit of it will be missing as the Welsh side will be on the road for this match. I still love this Swansea team and I feel like Man City is still suffering from a championship hangover just a bit...yeah even three months in. I don't think Swansea will come out of this one with all three points, but I do believe they will nab one. My prediction: Man City 2 - 2 Swansea City.


Match 3:

Manchester United v. Arsenal

The Gunners can't be happy with their last match against Swansea, but on the other hand, at least both sides were equally matched when it comes to the standings so far this season. Manchester United managed their fourth win of the season, but it was a 1-0 victory against Crystal Palace and....yeah that's about all I have to say for that one.

I think Arsenal will bounce back from their loss with a good match and see them leading this one wire to wire. The Red Devils will get a goal back late to make the scoreline better, but it won't be enough to manage a result. My prediction: Manchester United 1 - 2 Arsenal.




So to recap, I have Stoke City beating Burnley 2-0, Man City and Arsenal will finish tied at 2, and Arsenal will manage a win against Man U 2-1.

Time to Beat the Blogger! Comment below with your predictions. 



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