Premier League (Week 11)

November 05, 2014 1 Comment

Well hey, this week wasn't so bad for me, mind you my featured matches were a little easier to predict, so I won't pat myself on the least not while you're looking.

The only real upset this past weekend was Newcastle's win over Liverpool. In fact the 1-0 was the same as the score in the Liverpool/Real Madrid Champion's League match in which Liverpool sported a "disrespectful" starting lineup. So yeah, there you have it...Newcastle is as good as Real Madrid.....or something like that.

The "Big 3" continue to pad their point totals even though their wins weren't as convincing as expected and both Merseyside teams who carried high hopes into the start of this season still find themselves with Manchester United and Tottenham sandwiched between the likes of Swansea City and West Bromwich Albion.

Another story as of late is Robin Van Persie's sluggish form. I even joked on twitter that the flying header during the World Cup must have taken more out of him than we realized as it was the last real highlight we saw from the Dutchman. I mean talk about the injury time equalizer against Chelsea all you want, but that was hardly representative of how RVP's season has actually gone so far. It's amazing to me that people will point to Man U's defense as a problem, yet they held their rivals to only one goal and much of that was without Smalling after he was sent off. In a match like that, you wold think stars like RVP, Wayne Rooney and Angel Di Maria would step up at some point, especially under a manager like Van Gaal. I am not sure if it is too many egos or too much hype over Van Gaal coming into the season, but let's be honest, the guy was supposed to be a savior after the mess that was Moyes, but Van Gaal hasn't been that much of an improvement, if one at all. To me, it is a must that Van Gaal gets his countryman, RVP looking like the RVP of the past.


That all said, it is time for my featured matches of the week. Please do comment below with your predictions to see how you match up with me!

Match 1:

Liverpool v. Cheslea


Liverpool will definitely want to forget their match against Newcastle and move on as soon as they can, but with Chelsea being their next opponent, that will be a daunting task. Liverpool has been mediocre at best in my opinion so far this season and the signing of Balotelli hasn't helped at all, in fact his antics just seem to make things even worse. Chelsea on the other hand has been brilliant, besides their draw with Manchester United and I look for them to have a solid win against Liverpool. My prediction: Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool


Match 2:

Burnley v. Hull City

Here is a fun one between two teams that seem to have an allergy toward winning. While Hull City has banked three points twice this season, Burnley is still looking for their first win. I do believe that Burnley's never give up attitude will prove to be fruitful one day, but I don't believe it will be this match. Burnley will have the lead going into the dying minutes of the match when Hull City breaks their hearts and leaves them still without a win. My prediction: Burnley 1-1 Hull City


Match 3:

Swansea City v. Arsenal

This should be the match of the week in my opinion. The Gunners will travel to Liberty Stadium for the match that could springboard Swansea into the top five. Although it's obvious that Arsenal has the better team on paper, I am actually going to go a little out on a limb for this one and call a Swansea City win at home. My prediction: Swansea 2-1 Arsenal




So to recap, I have Chelsea beating Liverpool 2-0, Burnley drawing with Hull City 1-1 and Swansea squeaking out a win against the Gunners 2-1 at home. Time for you to comment with your predictions! 

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