Premier League (Week 10)

October 29, 2014

I have been watching and playing this sport since I was a child and so I should know better than to try and predict scores, as  I am abysmal to say the least. However, maybe it's the masochist in me that loves to subject myself to the potential of looking like a complete noob who hasn't watched a soccer match since the 1994 World Cup.

Moving on though. One of our readers who commented on last week's blog post did resoundingly well with their predictions. "Ferg" called the draw between Chelsea FC and Manchester United (only was off by a goal on each side), nailed the Everton/Burnley match and was only off by a goal for the Leicester/Swansea match. So with all that said, I tip my figurative cap to you Ferg on a job very well done.

10 weeks in and the Premier League still has an uneasy feeling to it. Chelsea has seemed like an unstoppable force as of late, while Man U floundered about near the bottom of the table, yet the match didn't really reflect that at all. I am not sure if the Red Devils are finally getting things figured out or if the Blues are plateauing after a red hot start.

Perhaps the most interesting story as of late though has been Southampton. They currently sit just four points behind Chelsea in second place and honestly their wins have looked pretty good. We're not talking about a team who has had a few luck bounces and squeaked out a couple crazy wins, Southampton actually looks like a team that belongs near the top of the table. Mind you, their two losses have come against Liverpool and Tottenham, which may suggest they have had a soft schedule to start out, but their win against Arsenal is still a standout match.

Then of course you had that Monday match....a match that I would think had Aston Villa fans salivating given their rough go lately. Finding someone who believed the one win Queens Park Rangers could pull out a victory against Aston Villa would be about as impossible as a Fernando Torres open net attempt, but hey....that's why we play each match right? QPR did manage to get their second win against Villa (which makes this USA soccer fan feel really bad for Brad Guzan) and yes there were reports from hell of snowballs knocking the devil unconscious for a period of time. What.A.Week.

So now that I have recapped last week, why not do a little pick em' once again this week? Sound good? Hopefully this week I will fair a little better, but if Ferg participates again, I highly doubt that. So here goes nothing.



Match #1: Everton v. Swansea City


Everton and Swansea City are both coming off of wins against teams that they were expected to beat for the most part. Both sides fared very well against their recently promoted counterparts and are looking to continue with the good vibes this week.

Obviously Everton has Tim Howard between the pipes which is almost always an advantage, but where Everton has underachieved so far this season, Swansea has overachieved and could very well provide an upset against Everton, if you can even call it that.

However, since I am boring and a coward, I predict that Swansea will be en route to a 2-1 win when Everton scores a stoppage time goal to tie the match up 2-2.


Match #2: Arsenal v. Burnley

So many Arsenal fans out there that I decided to include this match this week even though it should be a walk in the park for The Arsenal. Although Burnley never seems to give up and I give them a ton of credit for pushing the attack often this season, it's no secret that the team has a little ways to go before becoming relevant in the Premier League. 

Obviously it's easy to pick a winner here, but the score could be a little harder. I don't expect a Germany/Brazil style blowout, but I do expect a buzz-saw nonetheless. I predict a 4-0 win for the Gunners.


Match #3: Manchester United v. Manchester City

How could I not include the Manchester Derby right? The reigning champs have been hanging out in familiar territory near the top, only behind Chelsea and Southampton, while the Red Devils have been slowly clawing their way up the table, now finding themselves in eighth place after last week's draw against Chelsea. 

The best part about a rivalry match is that you can basically throw any sort of statistics out the window. Although Citeh should be favored to win this match, nothing is certain when so much pride is on the line. 

I do feel that Man City will pull out a win though come Sunday and although I believe it will be late, it will be a decisive one. Man City beat Man U 3-1.




So to recap...I have Everton and Swansea City drawing 2-2, Arsenal beating Burnley 4-0 and Citeh winning the Manchester Derby 3-1 over the Red Devils. Now it's time for you to give me your predictions in the comment section! 



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