Top Three Americans To Watch In The Premier League This Season

August 22, 2014

The brand new Premier League season isn’t even a week old yet and already we have had the drama of Louis Van Gaal and Manchester United losing their opening match to Swansea, as well as the return of Mario Balotelli…only this time in Liverpool FC red.

Along with all that we also finally have confirmation that America’s own rising star, DeAndre Yedlin will be taking his talents abroad at some point in the not so distant future.  Tottenham has officially signed the youngster, it’s just a matter of whether he’ll dawn a Hotspurs kit immediately after the current MLS season or if they will wait until a later date. With all the buzz surrounding Yedlin, as well as other Americans looking to come back to their home country, I decided it would be worth it to look at my Top Three Americans playing in the Premier League this season.


3. Jozy Altidore – Sunderland

I have this feeling Jozy will be a lot more fun to watch this season as the pressure is somewhat off of him, at least relatively speaking.  There was a lot of talk during the offseason whether Altidore would come back to the states or not, but according to Sunderland’s Manager, Gus Poyet, Altidore is happy where he is and you could make the argument that it was his presence off the bench that may have lifted Sunderland to a game tying goal in their opener against West Brom.

Injuries have always been a problem for Altidore and it’s likely fans of the New Jersey native will be holding their breath every time he stays down on the pitch for a spell, but if Altidore can stay healthy and can play with a care free attitude, I do believe he could be a difference maker for a side that struggled last season immensely.

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2.Tim Howard – Everton FC

Not much of a shock Tim Howard would be in the Top Three, especially since America’s brick wall announced he will be taking the year off from National Duty. That means our only chance to see Howard will be in the Premier League between the pipes for “The Toffees”.  

Everton had a bit of a disappointing start to their season with a Week 1 draw with Leicester City F.C., but many people including myself still believe that Everton could at the very least find themselves in a Champion’s League position by the end of the season. It goes without saying that Tim Howard will need to be…well….Tim Howard for that to happen.

He’s made the position of goalkeeper “cool” here in the states much like his predecessor, Kasey Keller and if you were lucky enough to watch him during the 2014 World Cup, you know exactly why. Howard is not only one of the top Americans to play the game, he’s one of the top goalkeepers in the world to play the game. 

1.Geoff Cameron – Stoke City……for now

Geoff Cameron could be one of the most underrated Americans in soccer. Perhaps it has to do with his position or the fact he plays for a mid-table team that hardly ever gets notoriety here in the states even though they have a history of at least letting their American players see time on the pitch.

What makes Cameron interesting this season though might actually have to do with his asking to leave Stoke City. Now I understand that he does have Serie A and Bundesliga teams eyeing him, so he would no longer be an “American in the Premier League” if either of those leagues landed him, but since he is currently in England and Hull City looks to be the front runner anyway, I feel like this makes Cameron a very interesting player this season.

Although defense is his strongpoint, Cameron truly is a utility player who has played solid throughout his career. After attracting some attention during the World Cup and now having teams pursue him, hopefully more people will open their eyes to the player he is.

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