2014 Premier League Predictions

August 14, 2014 1 Comment


A whole new season of Premier League soccer is only a couple days away and so it’s time for me to make some predictions that everyone can save in their memory and use to embarrass me when I end up being completely and terribly wrong. You know what they say though? One of these days….I’ll get it right. So without further adieu, here are some of my predictions heading into the 2014-2015 season.


Who is the most likely "Dark Horse"? 

In my opinion that would be Everton. It’s hard to consider a team with names like Mirallas, Lukaku and Tim Howard a “Dark Horse”, but the truth is that they are. However, Everton showed to be a talented side last season and one that could definitely shake things up when they wanted to. With their biggest rivals losing a name like Suarez (insert another bite joke here) and many of their own players hitting their peak, I think the upcoming season could be huge for Everton.

Of course Everton isn’t the only team who could prove to be a bit of a shock, in my opinion Tottenham could end  up being kind of like Everton was last year. I’d also watch for Newcastle to improve on their mid table finish last year.


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Who is most likely to be relegated?

After just being promoted this season, I think there is a good chance QPR and Burnley will both find themselves back in The Championship League after all is said and done. That said, I do believe Leicester will keep their heads above water while West Bromwich Albion joins QPR and Burnley in being relegated.


Who will lead the league in scoring?

Well with Luis Suarez out of the picture, that should open the door for last year’s runner up, Daniel Sturridge.  Yaya Toure should be in the mix as well, but he will have to compete with teammate Sergio Aguero just as he did last season. Wayne Rooney should improve on last season’s tally as well, giving Sturridge a run for his money.


My final predictions?  1. Daniel Sturridge 2. Wayne Rooney 3. Sergio Aguero


Who will be crowned Champions?

This one is obviously the big question and one of the tougher ones.  Although I am a believer when it comes to Daniel Sturridge and I am not a fan of Luis Suarez’s antics, I do believe Liverpool will struggle a bit without the double threat. That might open the door for Sturridge to score more goals, but being that the two of them scored a combined 52 goals last year, there is no way Sturridge  will be able to put the team on his back and make up for the loss of Suarez.

Reigning Champions, Manchester City FC on the other hand have their goal scoring duo of Aguero and Toure still intact. There aren’t a lot of reasons why they shouldn’t repeat, so it will take a team coming in who doesn’t have a lot of reasons why they shouldn’t snatch the championship away. Manchester United FC might be that team. Although guys like Rooney may be getting a tad bit long in the tooth, we all know they are still capable of brilliance.  ManU is also full of superstars and although that might not always be a good thing, brand new Skipper, Louis Van Gaal may just be the right guy to turn all of the egos into a Championship team once again. With names like Fellani, Van Persie, Cleverley and Welbeck on your roster, it’s hard to argue against the Red Devils…… Unless of course you are Chelsea FC who have their beloved Didier Drogba back, as well as other worldwide superstars like Oscar, Eden Hazard and Cesc Fabregas.

So how do I believe the Top 5 will look by the end of this season?

  1. Manchester United FC
  2. Manchester City FC
  3. Chelsea FC
  4. Everton FC
  5. Liverpool FC


Let me know what you all think as well! Cheers to a brand new season!

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August 14, 2014

Perhaps a little bias showing. Arsenal not in the top 5? Don’t be a hater. Off-season signings and 17 years of top 4 finishes? How in the world does a top four not include the Arsenal?! Sure Howard had a great World Cup and I would love to see Everton finish over Liverpool, but I have to believe that Man U need another year to recover and Liverpool have a rebuilding year ahead.

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