Who's wearing Who Are Ya shirts in Brasil?

April 07, 2014 1 Comment

It’s almost that time again….the time when all of us football fanatics around the globe go apeshit in support of the boys representing our country at World Cup.

This edition of the world’s greatest event is going to be held in the land of favelas, futbol, caipirinhas and scantily clad women. That’s Brasil for those who haven’t been following…..

As it turns out, none of us on the Who Are Ya team are making the trip, because we’re going to be too busy making soccer shirts for all of you that are making the trip. But oh how we wish we were….

It is sure to be an unbelievable atmosphere and a most memorable event.

We’re working on some new shirt designs for several of the countries represented. Make sure to check them out here

You can also count on our prediction and guide to watching the World Cup on your TV…coming in May.

For those lucky bastards making the trip and want to bring us a souvenir when you return…..we’d like a bouncing “Rio Jesus” for our car dashboard.

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May 13, 2014

I will be! I have tickets to the first 5 games in Rio and Uruguay vs. England in Sao Paulo.

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