10 Situations with Higher Odds than Leicester Winning the Premiership

April 13, 2016 1 Comment

10 Situations with Higher Odds than Leicester Winning the Premiership

If you were one of the lucky, loyal Leicester City supporters who bet their pennies pre-season on LCFC to win the premiership, congratulations. According to online gambling information from Ladbrokes, Leicester entered the 2015/16 seasons with 1 in 5,000 odds of winning the Premiership. Fast forward 33 weeks, with just 5 weeks left to play the lads sit a comfortable 7 pts clear of the top of the table. What most everyone believed was all but impossible, has turned into nearly inevitable. Should Leicester overcome these incredible odds and continue on to win the league it will undoubtedly be the biggest underdog in sports history.

If you bet on Leicester winning back in August at 5000:1 odds, here were 10 things with higher probabilities of happening...

1 in 5,000 chance of an asteroid catastrophically colliding with the Earth in the next 100 years.

1:2000 = The likelihood of a professional football player being bit by Luis Suarez.

The odds of being "injured" last year while opening, or attempting to open a "clam-shell" style container are 1 in 4,650.

Your likelihood of being born polydactyly AKA with an extra digit is ten times as likely as Leicester winning, or 1 in 500.

Better watch out with those extra appendages, 1 in 4,460 will be seriously injured while using a chainsaw.

Around 50% or 1:2 marriages in the United State will end in divorce, which means you are 2,500x more likely to end your marriage than Leicester was to win the league.

There are pretty good odds, 1 in 220, that as a published author you will make the New York Bestsellers list.

The chances you are a twin are drastically more likely than Leicester winning the title. In north America about 1 in 100 births are multiples.

The chance of Luis Van Gaal keeping his job as Manchester United's head coach for another season are 1 in 25.

And you had better odds of getting away with murder (50/50).

We are on the brink of witnessing history. Love them or hate em' Leicester City will go down in the record books as the Champion of Underdogs everywhere.


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