Lots of new shirt designs available for English Prem fans

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Do you support one of the clubs in the English Premier League?

We've got a whole new line of supporter-designed shirts just for you.

Check out the latest designs for supporters of Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool, Man United, Man City, Everton, Chelsea and more

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Premier League Pop Quiz: History Edition

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Test your Premier League knowledge with a little Pop-Quiz in EPL History.


10 Situations with Higher Odds than Leicester Winning the Premiership

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If you were one of the lucky, loyal Leicester City supporters who bet their pennies pre-season on LCFC to win the premiership, congratulations. According to online gambling information from Ladbrokes, Leicester entered the 2015/16 seasons with 1 in 5,000 odds of winning the Premiership. Fast forward 33 weeks, with just 5 weeks left to play the lads sit a comfortable 7 pts clear of the top of the table. What most everyone believed was all but impossible, has turned into nearly inevitable. Should Leicester overcome these incredible odds and continue on to win the league it will undoubtedly be the biggest underdog in sports history.

If you bet on Leicester winning back in August at 5000:1 odds, here were 10 things with higher probabilities of happening...

1 in 5,000 chance of an asteroid catastrophically colliding with the Earth in the next 100 years.

1:2000 = The likelihood of a professional football player being bit by Luis Suarez.

The odds of being "injured" last year while opening, or attempting to open a "clam-shell" style container are 1 in 4,650.

Your likelihood of being born polydactyly AKA with an extra digit is ten times as likely as Leicester winning, or 1 in 500.

Better watch out with those extra appendages, 1 in 4,460 will be seriously injured while using a chainsaw.

Around 50% or 1:2 marriages in the United State will end in divorce, which means you are 2,500x more likely to end your marriage than Leicester was to win the league.

There are pretty good odds, 1 in 220, that as a published author you will make the New York Bestsellers list.

The chances you are a twin are drastically more likely than Leicester winning the title. In north America about 1 in 100 births are multiples.

The chance of Luis Van Gaal keeping his job as Manchester United's head coach for another season are 1 in 25.

And you had better odds of getting away with murder (50/50).

We are on the brink of witnessing history. Love them or hate em' Leicester City will go down in the record books as the Champion of Underdogs everywhere.


New USA Kit Release Proves Sexism is Alive and Well

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Gender inequality has been a heated topic of discussion since well before the US Women’s National Team called the issue front and center after winning the World Cup last summer. From field conditions to wage gap, the conversation could go round and round for hours, but those are topics for another day. No, today we’ll discuss the most recent events that show US Soccer has a lot of work to do on the feminist front.

On February 29th, US Soccer unveiled their new soccer crest to the world in an unconventional and grandiose fashion. Throughout the day social media exploded with posts from national team supporters and US Soccer players who had received a special package from US Soccer revealing the new crest. And by US Soccer players, I mean men’s players.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter lit up with post after post of beloved USMNT players sporting the new logo. Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, DeAndre Yedlin, Jozy Altidore, Gyasi Zardes, Geoff Cameron, Matt Miazga, and Brad Evans among others took time to snap a photo with the crest, but what about the women? I’m almost certain not a single photo from a women’s first team player was posted, leading me to believe they were not included in the release.

Or perhaps that’s just us jumping to conclusions. The USWNT was probably just too busy to take photos as they prepared for the She Believes Cup, a huge tournament that would pit the world champs against the most competitive teams in the women’s game that was scheduled to kick-off just days after the launch. Since the tournament was the first set of matches played after the new crest was released, surely the women would get to debut the new crest on their match day kits? Oh wait… That tournament wasn’t even televised. Supporters were forced to stream the matches via an ESPN3 broadcast that was so blurry that even if they did debut the new crest you wouldn’t be able to tell.

But we’re over that. Now US Soccer has finally launched the new 2016 kits that are set to debut Friday March 25th, when the USMNT face Guatemala in World Cup Qualifying. A great number of supporters have “mixed reviews” on the design of the new kits (aka they are kind of ugly), but if you were interested in purchasing one of the new shirts you will find two things.

First, an issue that has been brought up in the past, Nike still does not offer USWNT replica jerseys in men’s sizes. In a previous statement from Nike they have defended this practice saying they “rarely heard” of men hoping to purchase a WNT jersey, and that offering the “starred crest” in men’s sizing would falsely project the that the MNT had won World Cup titles that they had not.

To me it seems outrageous to think that any US Soccer supporter, female or male, wouldn’t want to sport the crest of a World Champion team or furthermore proudly wear the name of their favorite athlete on the back of their shirt. Carli Lloyd was named the best female player in the world! She is an incredible athlete and role model worthy of admiration from both men and women, but her jersey will only be available in women’s sizing.

Which leads me into the second thing you might notice when shopping for a new US kit. The women’s “replica” jerseys don’t look like the same shirts released by US soccer. Isn’t the point of purchasing a replica jersey that it’s the same as the athletes?

The women’s replica shirt features a slim fit and exaggerated deep v-neck. The photos of the kits released feature either a slight v-neck or a crew cut neckline, both of with are a far cry from the one currently available for purchase online in the US Soccer shop. I do understand that to some supporters the low cut top would be preferred, but labeling it as a replica and not offering a true representation of the actual USWNT shirt is aggravating.

The truth is, slowly yet surely the footballing world is making progress in terms of bridging the gap of gender equality and combatting sexism in the sport, but there are times like these that remind us there is still a great deal of work to do. Keeping the discussion going to raise awareness about the inconsistencies regarding gender is the only way to keep things progressing for positive change.


Epic & Epically Bad EPL Tattoos

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What better way to show unwavering devotion to your club than a permanent reminder inked into directly your flesh? When done well, a tattoo is the ultimate display of club loyalty, a forever reminder of commitment and support. But if things go wrong, it can just as quickly turn into the ultimate regret. 

These are WhoAreYa's favorite epicly awesome and awful EPL tattoos:







Manchester United






Manchester City



Tottenham Hotspurs






 Do you have an insanely awesome tattoo for your favorite club, or know a mate who has a regrettable one? Share it below and you could be entered to win a $25 giftcard to

Football's Strange Superstitions

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We stumbled across an article recently regarding Brazilian footballer Eder Loko who is notorious for peeing his pants (and apparently killing snakes) before each match for luck, something he has been doing for eight years… Yes, we’re serious.

Superstitions aren’t uncommon. I know plenty of people with quirky little habits that they insist bring them some sort of luck, or perhaps more importantly prevent bad things from happening. However the lengths a player will go to ensure victory know no bounds. Regardless of how strange, unnecessary, silly, or disturbing they may seem, many players religiously adhere to specific habits or pre-match rituals to bring them luck and combat their superstitions… like soiling themselves.

These are a few of our favorites:

Cristiano Ronaldo

I’d imagine that Ronaldo takes a long time to get ready match day or not, so it should come as no surprise that his pregame ritual involves him getting pretty. Before making his way to the stadium, Cristiano Ronaldo always pays a visit to his barber. Ronaldo claims that not getting his haircut could jinx his scoring streak. Maybe, maybe not. All we know is that if being the best in the world requires looking your best, then perhaps he is onto something.

Adrian Mutu

Adrian Mutu played for Romania for well over a decade during which time he is rumored to have always worn the same pair of underpants. No word on whether the luck could be washed out, but for his teammates sake let’s hope doing laundry was also part of his pregame routine.

Laurent Blanc

French midfielder took his superstitions straight to the world stage where he became infamous for affectionately kissing the shiny bald head of goalkeeper Fabien Barthez during the 1998 World Cup. Not sure if it was the bald head of Barthez, or the magical saliva of Blanc that did the trick, but apparently the pair knew something we did not as France would go on to win the tournament.

Kolo Toure

Taking the saying “last but not least” a little too literally, Kolo Toure’s superstitious need to be the last player out of the locker room got him into trouble during his time with Arsenal. Toure was once issued a yellow after returning 30 seconds after the half during a Champions League match, because he refused to leave before his teammate who was receiving halftime medical aid left the locker room.

Gary Lineker

During his football days, Gary Lineker refused to take a shot near anywhere near the goal for fear of wasting the good one during warmups. His suspicions were rewarded finishing his career as one of England’s most proficient striker Lineker.

Bobby Moore

If you were to stumble upon England’s dressing room during the time of Bobby Moore you’d be likely to catch him with his pants down… literally. Moore insisted to be the last to pull on his sorts before the match, even going as far as to take his off again if somehow overlooked a teammate who had not yet suited up. Maybe if someone carried on Moore's pantless legacy England might have a shot at another World Cup.

Sergio Goycochea

Apparently Eder Loko isn’t the only one in habit of taking a lucky wiz. Argentinian goalkeeper Sergio Goycochea first wet his shorts before a penalty kick in a 1990 World Cup match vs Yugoslavia. Goycochea was able to save the kick, so naturally when faced with a penalty shootout later in the tournament decided to try it again. It worked and there was no turning back. There are very few people who can get away with publicly peeing their pants. Not sure if we should be disturbed or impressed. Maybe a bit of both.

Do you have a strange pre-match ritual, superstition, or luck charm? Share it with us in the comments below.

Gianni Infantino: The Beginning of a New Football Era... Hopefully

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207 nations cast their votes Friday in the most important election in modern football history. After two rounds of voting, it is Gianni Infantino who has been called to the helm of the sinking ship that is FIFA. Will he be the able to pull the organization out of this nose dive? Is he the savior we’ve all been looking for? Can he guide FIFA from the whirlpool of corruption it’s been drowning in?

We aren’t convinced, but we hope so.

Let’s face it, we have reason to be concerned. After all not minutes after the announcement was made, former President and super villain, Sepp Blatter was already sending his endorsement for the new President saying Infantino has “the qualities to continue my work…”

If that is truly the case, we are off to a bad start. But perhaps it is not fair to jump so quickly to conclusions about FIFA’s new leader. True, it’s a bit odd Infantino only threw his name into the hat a few months ago after his upper and assumed Sepp-cessor, Michel Plantini, was banned from all soccer related activities and no longer able to run. And it is interesting to note the fact that like Blatter, Infantino served as Secretary General prior to his election under a president who ended their tenure in heat of controversy. As UEFA’s Secretary General, he also refused to implement or inforce reform of the organizations governance. And, though it is surely just a coincidence, knowing that FIFA’s new Swiss leader’s hometown of Brig sits just 6 miles apart from that of former President Blatter’s hometown Visp is strangely off-putting.

But, let’s keep an open mind. On the Brightside, Infantino has not been accused of human rights violations unlike runner up Sheikh Salman. So at least we know it could be worse…

The fact of the matter is that regardless of who won the election, the whole world is looking to them through a lens of extreme scrutiny. Talk of reform is just that, talk. Infantino’s biggest proposals include expanding the World Cup tournament from 32 to 40 teams, allocating more development funds to smaller nations, and transparency in regards to wages and World Cup host selection processes. All eyes will be on him to see if he can do more than talk the talk and follow through with his promises. Actions speak louder than words, so we will remain skeptical until proven otherwise. Luckily FIFA’s ethics committee has been working overtime to pass reforms that, if enforced, should greatly aid in areas of financial transparency and fairness.

Will Infantino be the man to restore FIFA’s reputation? We will watch in anticipation to find out, but we flipping hope so. I don’t know about you, but we’re ready to get focus back to the game.

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